Laynhapuy Aviation


Due to the remote locations and seasonal access difficulties of many of the Laynhapuy homelands, Laynhapuy Aviation was established in 1986 with a helicopter service to provide passenger transport and logistical support to the homelands. The service was expanded in 1989 to include a fixed wing aircraft operation.
Laynhapuy Aviation Pty Ltd, also known by its trading name Laynha Air, is fully owned by LHAC. Laynhapuy Aviation is now a major supplier of air charter services to remote homelands and communities throughout East Arnhem Land, operating six fixed wing aircraft. Laynhapuy Aviation flies to all of the Laynhapuy homelands, the communities around Arnhem Land and as far as Borroloola, Goulburn Island and Darwin.
It is the primary airline in the region and employs nine pilots and four administration and ground staff, three of whom are Yolngu. Laynhapuy Aviation is the transport backbone of the region, providing about 8,000 landings per year, transporting homelands residents, teachers, public servants, health providers and other visitors to the homelands, as well as providing search and rescue and medical evacuations.


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